Durham Hardwood Floors

Beautiful hardwood floors are a highlight of any home. And they have never been more popular. Many homeowners find replacing older, worn-out flooring with new hardwood adds luster to their dwelling, while markedly increasing its value. If you're thinking of renovating your house with hardwood, call Frazee Carpets and Interiors at (919) 425-0600, for the best selection of brand-name hardwood floors.

We've been major providers of all the community's flooring needs for over 40 years, serving Durham County and selected regions throughout the Research Triangle. Our long-lasting hardwood floors consist of planks milled from a single tree, providing consistency of surface pattern and finish, as well as structural reliability. Our floors are available in an exceptional range of colors that can be customized to your interior design requirements, before being custom-fit to your home. Each floor is unique, simultaneously elegant and hospitable.

In addition to beauty, Frazee's hardwood floors offer a durability unmatched by any other flooring type. Many of Durham's 20,000 or so pre-1960 houses have at least some hardwood flooring; in most cases, it is still in use. This is not surprising; you can find original hardwood floors several HUNDRED years old in structures along the Eastern seaboard, in Canada and Europe.

However, the County's 45,000+ post-1960s' houses often use engineered wood, which lacks the resilience and structural consistency of hardwood. Without the thick, natural wear-surface of Frazee's hardwood products, they are vulnerable. Because of their constant use, engineered floors may be the first element of these houses to require replacement. If this is true in your home, give us a call.

We provide quality hardwood products for every price-range, with free cost-estimates and consultation, so you'll find the flooring solution most appropriate to your precise needs. Frazee interior design personnel will knowledgeably guide your decisions about the color, finish and character of the hardwood you seek, while respecting your preferences.

And, in cases where the local humidity is too high to reasonably support hardwood, Frazee carries a reliable line of engineered wood products which are suitably adaptable, yet retain much of the surface beauty of hardwood. We have a solution for every flooring circumstance or development.

Expert installation is guaranteed. Come to our showroom to see our line of flooring products, or give us a call. We'll be right over.