Our experts provide a virtual dustless refinishing option that ensures your hardwoods get that extra touch to bring them back to life without all the hassle of sweeping and re-sweeping out the mess.  Refinishing is a great option for floors that are still strong and sturdy but need a touch-up on the top layers.  As with all of our services, our experts are here to help you decide what is best for your floors and to answer all questions you may have regarding your selections.


Design Services

Our on-site designer is available by appointment to help you create a stunning masterpiece with your flooring. All of our flooring options are carefully designed and constructed to ensure maximum creative and aesthetic appeal while also providing the strength and stability expected with flooring.  Ranging from timeless classics to the newest trends, we are sure to have the style of flooring for any home’s desire.  For any questions or assistance please feel free to contact us at 919-286-5570 and we will help guide you to a selection that will make your house feel like home.  


FREE In-home Measurement

Not sure of quantities and supplies? Ask about our in-home measurement services that are FREE OF CHARGE. We will measure your space to determine accurate material quantities and to eliminate waste. Please contact us for assistance.


Custom Rug Binding

Want a custom rug? Pick any carpet we have in our showroom and have it cut to the exact size you want and choose from many custom binding options. This is a wonderful option when you may want to have a rug match the same carpeting that has been used for a runner.



We offer several options for financial assistance. Please contact us for information.



We have over 40 years' experience in the carpet and flooring industry, so you know that when you choose to buy from us, the products that you have purchased will be of very high quality. We promise that the job will be done right the first time around - we have extensive knowledge when it comes to cutting, fitting and installing carpets, tiles, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring. If you would like to schedule installation of your flooring, then please contact us. To reduce the stress and hassle associated with having new flooring fitted, below is a checklist of things to do before the installer arrives:

  • Do you know who is removing your current flooring? Our installer can do that for you if you so wish, but, if not, make sure that whomever is removing it does so before the installer arrives. To minimize dust and dirt particles, vacuum the floor before and after the carpets have been changed.
  • Who will be removing the furniture from the space? The installers can assist you with this as well,  but it would be a good idea to make sure that all breakables and anything valuables are removed from the room beforehand. It is also important not to leave anything hanging (such as drapes or plants) over the area.
  • Know how you want the flooring to be laid out. Generally, hardwood and laminate flooring should be laid down to run perpendicular to any windows, or, if the room is narrow, to the longest wall.
  • If you are having tiles laid down and they have a linear pattern, decide beforehand if you want them to be laid down neatly in a row, or if you want them to be staggered to achieve more of a modern feel. Depending on the the room and the tiles, there are several different options for laying tiles that can change the entire look and feel of the room.
  • Measure the drop underneath your door. If your new carpet is thicker than your old one, then your door may drag or may be unable to close without causing considerable damage to the carpet. If this is the case, arrange to have someone shave or saw some of the bottom of the door off prior to your installation date.
  • If you are repainting the room or putting up wallpaper, do this before you install your flooring, to avoid staining or any damage to the new flooring.

Commercial Flooring Services

Frazee Commercial Flooring is a division of Frazee Carpet and Interiors that specializes in full service commercial flooring and installation.  Frazee Commercial Flooring is managed by Ricky Creech who brings more than 30 years experience in commercial sales and installations. Please feel free to contact Ricky Creech at 919-286-5570 office or 919-427-1937 cell to learn more.